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Metal landscape edging has long been an afterthought in the entire process of landscaping one's property, and rightfully so. The choices to date have been very limited and not very attractive. To obtain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, architects, contractors and homeowners have had to rely on masonry products that tend not to be very cost effective, considering basic material costs and installation labor required.

We at Goodfellow Services have invented a metal edging system that will provide a viable alternative to the current metal products offered and, at the same time, enhance any landscaping scheme. The name of this product is Goodfellow Services!

Our product is designed to respond to several issues:



Don't let razor sharp landscape edging cause severe injury to you and your loved ones. Make your property safe by using our rolled top, interlocking edging, and rolled top stakes. Please contact us for a supplier near you!

Goodfellow Services

Phone - 13023.466.2374
Fax - 1323.966.3292
Email- info@goodfellowservices.us

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