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SAFETY - The edging has a rounded edge at the top. Because it is an interlocking system, this rounded edges carry all the way across the span of the edging, eliminating those sharp edges so common in current metal products. This removes the concern of children or pets scraping themselves, causing unnecessary injury.

CONTINUITY - Our Interlocking system provides for a continuous line from one end to the other. No breaks and no overlapping are required. The edging comes in 10' sections and we provide color coordinated pins to secure it to the ground.

UNIFORMITY - Because we offer the edging and pins in 4 basic colors, as well as galvanized and copper, you can now match your edging to your landscape design without being concerned about breaks in the overall design. For example, our Terra Cotta edging is an excellent match with any mulch or bark product; and our Sandstone edging is a perfect accessory for your stone displays.

DURABILITY - The edging and pins that we offer are derivatives of the products offered by metal roofing contractors. Metal roofs are manufactured to last for 25 to 30 years, without fading or rusting. The same holds true for our edging. The colors are baked into the metal and are rust resistant. They are intedned to stand up to virtually any weather condition without losing their appeal. The metal is 18 gauge and, because of our interlocking design, the metal actually has a sturdiness equivalent to 12 gauge. This insures that the edging will remain straight and not collapse like many of the other metal and plasting edging products now being offered. In addition, our pins are double sided 16 gauge, with two points of entry into the ground, further adding to the strength and durability of the system.

Other considerations for using our edging system:

There is no overlapping! You receive a higher utility value because you actually get to use more of the metal that you purchase. With a 10' section, you realize an approximately 97% utility value.

The interlocking design reduces installation time required. In addition, we provide preformed corners that allow for easier installation of runs that require 90 degree turns or less. You just lay out your path and slide the pieces together.

With our color coordinate edging, we eliminate the concern about having to "hide" the edging. With Coloredge, you'll actually want it to show up in your landscaping scheme.

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